American Speed Skaters Building a Better Team One Skater at a Time

American Speed Skaters Building a Better Team One Skater at a Time

Until this point, the US has relied on one sole speed skater to bolster their showing in The Games of The Winter Olympics – this could be changing.

The reigning world champion and two-time medalist in Winter Olympic Games, Katherine Reutter, has represented short-track speed skating for the U.S. team in fine form for many years now. Thanks to committed competitors and budding young talent, that responsibility could be shared with a few others.

Depth is beginning to show in the American short-track speed skating team building behind Reutter. Combined, the US team has managed an impressive 11 out of 13 medals for the team in the World Cup competitions so far.

During January at the U.S. Short-Track Championships at the Olympic Oval in Utah, this new talent will be on full display.

“Our ladies team is one of the top teams in the world at this point,” said Chris Weaver, the short-track manager for U.S. Speed skating. “We’ve never had that before. It’s really exciting.”

Although the team is gelling and working well, in the upcoming championship, the team will not be competing against any powerful international teams like South Korea. This is a U.S. Specific competition.

In addition to the women’s team, the men’s team for the U.S. will also compete. This is not just for bragging rights; this competition will also help to determine who among the athletes will find their place on the World Cup races to be held in Shanghai, China.

Ruetter is still the favorite and there is little doubt she will assure herself a place on the World Cup team, but the up and coming athletes are strong and improving with each competition, they enter.

Ruetter herself commented to the Salt Lake City Tribune, “For the first time this year, I feel like we work as a team better than we ever have before,” Reutter said. “Everyone is so supportive of each other in training; everyone wants to help everyone else get just a little bit stronger. As far as depth goes, we’re becoming one of the strongest, deepest teams in the world.”

No doubt by the time the 2014 Olympics that will be held in Sochi Russia roll around, the U.S. should make a good showing.