Nike+ FuelStation Opens up Just in time for Olympics

Nike+ FuelStation Opens up Just in time for Olympics

Nike is moving ahead full force with its Nike + Fuelband in Europe. The powerhouse brand opened up its first ever Nike+ FuelStation at the relatively new BOXPARK pop-up mall in London. This move comes just in time for the summer Olympics, which is guaranteed to bring out athletes of all sports.  The mall serves as the world’s first pop-up mall, and works to bring together top brands. The station will work as more than just another holding place for Nike products. It will also be one of the main driving forces behind the Nike+ Fuelband. There consumers, and athletes alike can gain exposure to some of the many gadgets designed to improve performance. This may become a safe haven for dedicated and passionate athletes of all sports.

The Nike+ Fuelband tracks your activity, including anything from running to dancing. The Fuelband allows athletes to set a goal and challenge themselves, by meeting that goal. Beginning in May the Nike+ FuelStation at the BOXPARK pop-up mall will be one of the few retail locations selling the Nike+ Fuelband. The band is currently only being sold in small quantities with each batch selling out. With the fast approaching arrival of the Summer Olympics in London visitors are looking to get a good feel for what the Nike+ FuelStation and the Nike+ Fuelband each have to offer.

In a move to make the experience a lot more worthwhile for customers and athletes, Nike has also opened a NIKEiD Studio. The studio is separate from the fuel station, but gives athletes a way to customize their own performance footwear with the aid of design consultants.

Planning on visiting London for the 2012 summer Olympics this year? Well don’t forget to make a stop at the Nike+ FuelStation before you leave.