Security at the 2014 Olympic Games no Small Feat

Security at the 2014 Olympic Games no Small Feat

State of the art helicopters will be used for the Olympic Games

With the world in turmoil and every country seems to have another country that is unhappy with them for whatever reason, security at the Olympic Games to be held in Sochi Russia in 2014 is no small matter.

Russia has decided that it’s most advanced helicopters will be used to protect the spectators and participants when they host the 2014 games. Experts who studied the outcome of exercises held by the Emergency Situations Ministry in November reached this conclusion. These exercises included two types of helicopters and they performed quite well.

Understanding the scope of the endeavor and the immense undertaking that this is going to take, Russia will use two types of helicopters to secure the area in and around Sochi. The first helicopter will be the Ka-226T and the Ka-32. These helicopters are capable of providing medical aid, carry out rescues and can be utilized for their fire-fighting abilities.

Russia is taking this responsibility very seriously and knows the games are associated risks because of the terrain in the area. Security will be the focus of the flying fortresses, but there could be need of search and rescue and medical evacuations. Avalanches are a risk in the area and many parts of the outdoor courses that are targeted to be used for the Sochi Games. Some of the riskier outdoor sports for the Sochi Olympics will include skiing, ski jumping, speed skiing, bobsledding and freestyle skiing.

In the event of a medical emergency, these helicopters can be dispatched and swiftly evacuate the patient to a nearby medical facility.