February 2012

Adele Performing at the Summer Olympics?

Britain is planning on ending the 2012 Olympic ceremony with a bang. The closing ceremony is expected to pay tribute to the music created by artists old and new that celebrate the British culture and the influence it has had on the music world. Artists ranging from Paul McCartney to the Spice Girls are expected to take part in the ceremony. One of the newest music sensations worldwide, Adele, is expected to participate in the ceremony as well.

Can You Name Any Olympics Sponsors for 2012?

The first sponsors that come to my head when I think of the 2012 Olympics consist of McDonalds, Coca Cola and possibly Nike? Well it turns out I am not the only one who is unable to name a list of sponsors for the 2012 Olympics.  A survey conducted by IPSOS MORI shows that the recognition of Olympic sponsorship is incredibly low, even though the event is only a few months away.