November 2011

High Tech Filming Equipment to be Used for Sochi Games

"The Sochi Winter Games is gearing up to be the biggest sporting event in Russian history. "

High-tech equipment which will be used to film the Sochi Winter Olympics has now been unveiled.  Experts anticipate that millions of people all over the world will be watching the games.  Due to this expectations surrounding picture quality and new coverage is high.  The organizers of the games hope to establish a media complex which will provide radio, television, photographic and online coverage of the event.

Russia and Singapore Make Airport Deal in Preparation for Sochi 2014

While this may seem like an unusually large investment for one event it is important to note that Sochi is hosting a few different events in the coming years.  Some of these include the Formula One and the 2018 FIFA World Cup.  This means that the airport will require significant expansion in order to cope with the number of international visitors entering Russia.

Sochi 2014: The Setup and Price of Event Venues

Can Russia make it happen?

China set the bar high when it comes to financing and hosting the Olympic Games, and it looks as though Sochi, Russia will not be left in the dust.


Some say that the 2014 Olympic Winter Games Project could be the costliest on record with an operational budget targeted in the range of $9 billion –and the Russian Government picking up most of that enormous price tag. Another $3.6 billion will be available from private and corporate sources.