August 2010

Eco-Friendliness in 2014 Winter Games

Each year, it seems that the location for the Olympic games gets a bit greener. Maybe it’s not as sustainable as some of us would like, but progress is progress. Theodore Oben, the head of the United Nations Environmental Programme Outreach Unit, says that he’s been impressed with the way people are handling preparations so far. According to Oben, most organizations and companies are working together to ensure that Russia’s first Winter Games will be as sustainable as they can.

Bristol and Levi: Big Freaking Surprise

note: This post has been reprinted from the Secret Diaries of Sarah Palin. The original post may be viewed here. This series regularly appears at the Secret Diaries of Sarah Palin.


Am I surprised that Bristol and Levi aren't actually getting married? Hell no. I mean, who thought that was going to play out in any way other than how it did? Certainly not me. I may not be the most eloquent speaker or all that politically savvy, but it would take a special class of idiot to believe Alaska's own white trash mascots were bound for a life of nuptial bliss.