Sochi 2014: The Setup and Price of Event Venues

Sochi 2014: The Setup and Price of Event Venues

Can Russia make it happen?

China set the bar high when it comes to financing and hosting the Olympic Games, and it looks as though Sochi, Russia will not be left in the dust.


Some say that the 2014 Olympic Winter Games Project could be the costliest on record with an operational budget targeted in the range of $9 billion –and the Russian Government picking up most of that enormous price tag. Another $3.6 billion will be available from private and corporate sources.

These were the preliminary numbers.

Last fall, rumors began swirling that those early numbers would not even come close to the actual amount spent and now it could be a staggering $33 billion. Not only that, but the Russian Government is now having a tough time finding investors willing to help out with the additional costs.

The venues themselves are being carefully considered and constructed to provide the best and safest access for both competitors and spectators. The following is a list of the biggest venues so far:

  • Major Ice Arena – Ice hockey with room for 12,000 spectators
  • Minor Ice Arena - Ice hockey with room for 7000 spectators
  • Speed Skating Arena – Speed skating with room for 8000 spectators
  • Ice Palace – Skating, short track speed skating with room for 12,000
  • Curling Arena – Curling with room for 3000 spectators
  • Olympic Stadium – Ceremonies with room for 40,000 spectators

In addition, all outdoor events are to be held at Krasnaya Polyana, a rather large sky resort located about 90 minutes from Sochi.

There is also the Olympic Village for the competitors, media centers and the Olympic Oval.

One situation that is glaringly missing is where to house all the masses that will inevitably descend on Sochi. Currently no information has been released concerning this very real issue and should be looked at carefully. It is this sort of thing that can lead to poor quiet Sochi ending up with a black eye to the rest of the world when all is said and done.

Sochi itself is unique in that it is not the traditional winter resort town that is normally picked by the Olympic Committee to host the games. It is more of a summer vacation spot – yes, that is right a summer vacation paradise. This will be the first Winter Olympics that will take place in a subtropical climate. Summer temperatures typically rise about 80 degrees F, and rarely go below freezing in the winter.

So how many of you are like me? Every time the TV is on during the Olympics, you have it tuned into watch – no matter what the sport is. BTW, I also find curling a fascinating sport so that probably says something about my Olympic geekiness.