Sochi 2014 Inspires Youth to Volunteer

Sochi 2014 Inspires Youth to Volunteer

The Olympic Games has always had the ability to inspire and engage both youth and adults.  Whenever a country hosts the Olympics or the Winter Games they are set to reap many benefits.  For example many countries find that the influx of visitors improves their economy.  In the case of Sochi 2014, it is remarkable to see the affect the games is having on Russian culture.

The volunteering vision Sochi presented to the Olympic committee is one of the reasons they were awarded the games.  Through the Sochi volunteers movement, thousands of young Russians are helping reintroduce volunteering into the Russian community.  In the past volunteering was a way of life for the Russian people.  However attitudes towards this activity changed during Soviet times. 

The volunteers used for this event will come from all corners of Russia.  Olympic organizers have set up centers in various locations.  These centers will help volunteers start to prepare for one of the most significant sporting events in Russia's history.  Volunteers will be trained on subjects such as languages, tourism and human resources.

Essentially volunteers will be working to ensure that visitors to the area are looked after.  Sochi 2014 is putting a special emphasis on languages.  This is because they want overseas guests to feel welcome. 

As the Winter Games approach, Sochi is implementing a number of changes.  Stores, roads and hotels need to be prepared for large amounts of visitors.  Big events like the games tend to overwhelm the host city.  However Sochi will be better prepared for the event thanks to the thousands of young people volunteering their time and energy.