Santa not to be forgotten in 2014 Sochi Olympics

Santa not to be forgotten in 2014 Sochi Olympics

This will be the first Olympic games that Santa will be included in

It would seem that Santa Claus and his elves are feeling a bit left out of this whole Olympic thing.

You would think that an event that is held in such high regard around the world would be a good fit for a jolly fat man who only wants to bring joy and good will around the world. Santa was so smitten with the Olympics and being a part of it, he even made a bid to be the 2014 Sochi mascot, but he was rejected.

Personally, after some of the strange little creatures that Olympic cities have choosen to be mascots over the history of the Olympics, I think Santa would have been a refreshing choice.

Finally, someone listened and Santa will be a part of the Olympic. Just do not look for him rushing through at break-neck speeds on the luge course, or gracefully twirling around on the ice skating rink. He will not even be found in the curling arena frantically brushing the ice, allowing his stone to make its way to its resting point and hopefully knocking the competitor’s stones out of place.

No, this Santa appearance will take place more in the form of the Olympic torch running prior to the start of the games.

The Olympic torch, the iconic symbol that has circled the world on its journey to each city that has played host to the games, has touched just about every corner in the world, save one - the North Pole. Santa has been relegated throughout history to sit and watch the torch make its way through the streets, cities and farmlands of everywhere accept his own backyard. This year will be much different, however.

Dmitri Chernyshenko, head of the Russian Olympic committee, announced this torch relay will be the most ambitious race ever. It begins in October and traverses across Russia before heading to the Pacific Port of Vladivostok. There it will cross the mountains and head to the North Pole for Santa and the elves to see.

So make sure you keep a close eye on the Olympic torch run for the 2014 Sochi Olympics, this go round you just might see a jolly old man with a white beard huffing and puffing right along with the chosen torch runner for the North Pole.